Shep (SubTric) - Bass, beats, and sonic deconstruction.

Turtle Handz - Words, lyrics, and vocal devastation.

Bass-heavy, nasty, noisy electro hiphop mayhem. WRISTS is loud, abrasive, political, and balls deep! 

WRISTS was born out of a track from a little known project in 2012 called Patient Zero between Shep and Canadian producer, Waatu. Turtle Handz laid down the vocals on the opening tune and a friendship was sparked, fuelled by a mutual love of the noisier side of electronica. Discussions took place, beats were made, ideas were passed back and forth between the UK and US, and eventually WRISTS was born. 

Shep's origins in music start with the bass, performing in a mix of rock/metal and electronica acts. His passion has for a long time been effects pedals and signal processing. His fascination of the noisier side of music is what pushed him to develop his electronic production skills, which is now his primary focus, working as a mixing and mastering engineer, and producing electronic music, with an aggressive-bass edge.

Turtle Handz has been spitting bars since time began, both as a solo artist, and in a multitude of collaborative projects. His interest in left-field hiphop pushed him into live use of pitch shifters, and electronic sounds, constantly experimenting with splicing traditional styles with out-there ideas. TH's lyrics are political, meaningful, and aggressive... A signature aspect of the WRISTS sound.


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