WRISTS are excited to announce that we have signed a recording deal with Atypeek Music, which covers world wide distribution of our new single, Mountain Of Skulls, as well as our upcoming album, The Censorship Trap, due out in Jan 2015.

Atypeek Music comes from Go Get Organized. GGO is one of the last French alternative music label (1989 – 1993). It was founded in February 1989 by a group of artists and musicians. The label surprised audiences at the time by exploring multiple different genres such as garage rock, hardcore, stoner rock, grunge, no wave, noise rock and industrial music. The label borrowed its name “Go Get Organized” from a song by the Redskins, thus enhancing the commitment and the DIY (Do It Yourself) aspects of that generation’s independent labels. The label soon stands out from other French labels and the alternative music stage by looking for unusual artists playing grunge rock, noise rock, and surprising or minimalistic experimental music, on an international scale.

From the first productions on, the label collaborates with renowned producers such as Brett Myers, Kramer, Cecil English, Mick Harris, Roli Mosimann, Iain Burgess, Chris Wilson, Harvey Birrel, David Weber and Steve Albini. In 1993, the label changes its name and becomes Agony (Agony and the Ecstasy) before changing to Atypeek Music in 2013, when its past records and new artists are shared via digital platforms. The collective expands with the arrival of artists coming from older labels such as Permis de Construire Deutschland (PDCD), Noise Product Swiss, RecRec Music, Autodafé Records, micr0lab and many others… Atypeek Music™ stays under Christophe Féray’s artistic direction.

We are very happy to be working alongside Christophe Feray on our forthcoming releases.

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